Michele Labarile

Tasting Awards jury


Exclusive consultant of Monini S.p.A.(2021), previously (1998) director of Raw Materials Quality Control, in Monini S.p.A. also dealing with the legal aspects of labeling in Italy and abroad, Labarile graduated in Biology in 1979 at the Bari University. He has been involved since 1982 in the quality control of olive oils at the CIOS – Italian Consortium of olive oils producers, gaining in-depth knowledge of the chemical-physical and organoleptic characteristics of regional and international olive oils. Trained as Panel Heads of the International Olive Council in 1992, he is registered in the National Register of Olive Oil Tasters, and since 1993 and has been a teacher in many training courses for olive oil tasters, organized by public institutions, Chambers of Commerce, Producers’ Associations, private companies, in Italy and abroad.