About us

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Our philosophy

Olivonomy literally stands for “the knowledge, study, science of mechanisms related to olive”. It is a 360° initiative which purpose is to promote the growth of olive oil around the world and gather all the Olive Oil culture makers and lovers around a global and referential brand.

For businesses and consumers

Olivonomy is the one-stop international institute dedicated to olive oil culture and industry. It spans multiple and complementary activities: competitions (Olivonomy Paris Awards), training and publications (Olivonomy Academics), brand & producers services (Olivonomy Consulting) and media (Olivonomy News Network). This allows us to better connect professionals and individuals worldwide.

Common interest as a core value

Resolutely faithful to the values of respect for people and their environment, Olivonomy is about conceiving the olive oil business as a force for good, aiming to promote and develop long-term vision in sustainability. Any olive oil activity should only be developed with a heightened sensitivity to growing within an environmental positive impact and social performance.

The Olivonomy Paris Awards

We tend to propose the most prestigious and relevant Olive Oil Industry awards series to date, celebrating excellence internationally.

Heritage-based modern vision

Supported by scientific research conducted at a global level, the Mediterranean olive oil cultural heritage is the springboard for creating a modern culinary art, spanning the latest nutritional well-being developments together with a line-up of global stellar specialists from both Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

Recognizing all excellence

To echo this global development, Olivonomy Paris Awards is dedicated to bring together the combined expertise of tasting, design, tourism and environmental specialists around the World. An international competition offering the most legitimate and prestigious prize list on the international scene, highlighting the dynamics and diversity of olive oil production and its terroirs, making them accessible to all at the same time.

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