David Neuman

United States
Tasting Awards jury


a/k/a EVOOGuy, is a 35-year industry veteran having built successful specialty/natural/organic food businesses and brands at the highest executive level. Seventeen of those years dedicated exclusively to Extra Virgin Olive Oil as CEO of two major brands in the USA. And consulted for dozens of high quality EVOO brands seeking to gain US market share. He is a certified Professional Olive Oil Taster, and trained for 10 years in Italy. His training continues to this day, spending time at the ONAOO school to maintain his certification. He is an International Olive Oil Competition Judge and has his own small branded EVOO business. His new book, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, The truth In Your Kitchen (Morgan James Publishing) releases June 14, 2022. He is also the Olive Oil Expert for the Mediterranean Diet Round Table (MDR) EVOO Library, which he helped to create. Teaching the public how to taste, use and appreciate great EVOO is his passion.