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Enter the new International Olive Oil Competition

Stand out and get your excellence recognized worldwide.

Awarding all fields of excellence

Producing some of the world’s best olive oils is as important as other aspects such as building a great brand or a memorable visitor’s tour, or making a positive impact. We tend to enable all of those excellence domains to be recognized.

Gathering worldwide recognized Judges

Our awards series dedicated panels are constituted with the most internationally influential and recognized experts in their field of expertise, be it sensory analysis, sales, purchases, design, communication, writing or travel business to name a few. Gaining their approval is the best way to be seen and trusted.

A key asset in your marketing strategy

Award winning always comes with great benefits in terms of image and communication opportunities for a fraction of a marketing budget. Gain exposure to customers, distributors and media by imprinting the international market and benefiting from our ever-growing network traction.

A global press coverage network

Today, the medal represents the possibility of research and production partnerships of high level, thanks to the notoriety acquired by this oil, the first of the Brazilian Northeast, in its very first vintage. What a nice surprise!

Christophe Chinchilla RIO DE CONTAS, Bahia, Brazil. –